Month: June 2019

Short introduction of fake Rolex Engine Turned Bezel

Nowadays, there are a number of choices for Rolex bezels including smooth, fluted, ceramic, graduated, and gem-set. Nevertheless, there is a special bezel which Rolex used before called engine-turned bezels. Engine was used to be called as its French name, and it represents a decorative technique by means of a complicated and repeated pattern is mechanically carved via a specific machine. Even though the engine-turned bezels are not produced any more, sometimes there are still a few remaining in the secondary market. Let’s have a look.
This specific engine-turned bezel on the Rolex Air-King is exceedingly special. With the repeated exquisite lines, the bezel also have polished wider metal blocks at each hour marker. Together, the contrasting details form an striking geometric design.
Most of Rolex steel bezels are smooth ones, hence an engine-turned steel bezel is something really special. It’s also an alternative option if you prefer a more distinctive bezel but not too flashy one .
This replica Rolex Datejust has a steel engine-turned bezel as well, but in another design to the Air-King one. For this replica watch, the engine-turned bezel has a continuous design of polished triangles divided by delicate lines.
At first sight, the design of the particular engine-turned bezel looks quite like the classic Rolex gold fluted bezel, while when take closer inspection, they do have disparate designs. Note the complicate delicate lines on the engine-turned bezel that are never adopted on the fluted bezel. Moreover, it’s necessary to notice the fact that Rolex uses gold solely for their fluted bezels, therefore a steel engine-turned bezel will have a different luster comparing to a white gold fluted bezel.  
This Rolex Date replica watch is a good example of the engine-turned bezel as it is made from 18k yellow gold instead of stainless steel. It is rare to see 18k yellow gold engine-turned bezels because of Rolex preferences of using gold on fluted bezels.
Even though it might be a misunderstanding of the classic fluted bezel, the grooves of the gold engine-turned bezel has more texture due to the mixture of delicate lines and polished raised notches.
If you prefer a special and uncommon bezel design, then an engine-turned bezel may be just what you need. Different, distinctive, and discontinued, an engine-turned bezel adds a little something unique to a Rolex fake watch.